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Great Dismal Swamp Stakeholder Collaborative

GDSSC at a Glance

Our Vision

A series of linked conservation and cultural preservation projects – organized in collaboration with federal, state, and municipal leaders -- that reflect the complex ecological history of the Swamp and the rich history of its local communities.

Our Mission

To (i) strengthen the relationship between cultural, tribal, environmental, and governmental organizations in order to (ii) advance activities that are equitable, inclusive, and mutually beneficial for all stakeholders, while (iii) respecting the Swamp as its own stakeholder, with its interests held in trust by the members of the Collaborative.

Our Approach

Host regular facilitated stakeholder meetings + discussions to foster trusting, mutually respectful, and supportive relationships between tribal/federal/state/municipal leaders and cultural community leaders and representatives in the larger Dismal Swamp region.


Fighting for a National Heritage Area

Strengthening Local Economies

Great Dismal Swamp NWR. Virginia. usa.jpg

Mapping Cultural Memories of the Swamp

Marking Our Place in the World


Storytelling the Histories of the Swamp

Performing Narratives of Liberation, Freedom, and Survivance


Providing K-12 Curriculum Materials

Teaching Our History

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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